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A Seattle native, Marcus Donner was born in California, but moved with his family to Bellevue, Washington when he was less than two years old.

A lover of art, Marcus was encouraged to develop his photography skills by his eighth grade yearbook teacher. In high school, Marcus bought his first camera from a local pawn shop and the rest, as they say, is history.

After graduating from Bellevue High, Marcus attended Bellevue Community College. While studying photography and liberal studies for two years, he asked every photojournalist he met where he should go to school. They all said, "Mizzou," aka the University of Missouri, home to the nation's oldest journalism program. He applied and was accepted. In the fall of 1985, Marcus packed his wool sweater, along with anything else he could fit in his car, and headed east to Missouri.

It was at the University of Missouri, and their rigorous School of Journalism program, that Marcus truly learned to be a professional journalist and photojournalist. He graduated top of his class in Photojournalism in 1989.

While he could have joined members of the "Mizzou Mafia" in more prestigious cities such as Chicago or New York, Marcus opted instead to return to the city and state he loved: Seattle, Washington. He talked his way into an internship at the Valley Daily News which led to a position as a photojournalist and then later as the Director of Photography of the King County Journal. Marcus enjoyed 19 years with the daily newspaper.

When the paper closed in 2007, Marcus went freelance and opened Marcus Donner Photography. He’s enjoyed many of his freelance assignments but one of his all-time favorite gigs was when he got the chance to be a Venue Photo Manager at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

After taking pictures for nearly 38 years, Marcus still loves what he does every day. He loves people and he loves telling their stories through pictures. When he’s not taking pictures, shooting videos, or teaching others about photography, Marcus enjoys the arts, movies, and other creative pursuits with his wife Peg Cheng.

A lifelong learner and true adventurer, Marcus never knows where he will be or what he’ll be shooting next...and that’s just the way he likes it.

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