Storytellers I Love

I have worked with a lot of great storytellers over the years, including other photographers, filmmakers, writers, editors, podcasters, and painters. They can be great resources.

Writer, Blogger, Teacher

Peek inside a writer's life and see what it's really like with writer Peg Cheng. Peg Cheng Writing Coach

A Good Read

Looking for a good read for a middle schooler? The Contenders by Peg Cheng is great for any kid (or anyone) who ever felt different.

Storyteller & Filmmaker

Award winning Writer/Director Brian McDonald has written some of the best books on storytelling. His book Invisible Ink: A Practical Guide to Building Stories that Resonate is a must read for anyone wanting insight to storytelling structure. Also check out his blog Invisible Ink.


Check out the multi-faceted art and paintings of artist Jeff Mihalyo. Jeff is guided by a system of symbolic and narrative compositions in his artwork.

Fallen Buddha by Jeff Mihalyo
Fallen Buddha (prints available)


Writer/Director Kris Kristensen of the multi-media production company Scotopia Pictures. Kris is an award winning filmmaker, who has worked in both long and short form, as well as narrative and non-fiction.

Scotopia Pictures

Award Winning Short

I worked on, and shot the cover, of the award winning short film White Face with Writer/Director Brian McDonald and DP/Editor Kris Kristensen. White Face is a serious comedy about racism and played on HBO for a year. It has also been used in diversity trainings across the nation.